Financial Services

Banking and Insurance

Insider Threats

Detect inside users taking advantage of credentials in corporate enterprise applications to perform malicious operations


Find imposters on customer portals, bypassing MFA with stolen credentials, and attackers targeting application admins

Abuse and Misuse


Think of a bank with many rooms, including a vault room with precious articles, cash, gold, jewelry, documents, etc… The bank has a main entrance, and the vault also has its own door, which people go through to deposit or withdraw their precious goods.
People walk through the front door, entering and leaving the bank. They may walk in and out of the vault and perform various activities in that room itself.
Just monitoring the vault’s door and actions doesn’t provide enough information for accurate detection of misuse and theft in the vault, as most of the people involved are performing legitimate actions there.

Analyzing the path people take from the moment they enter through the front door of the bank, as they pass throughout the hallways and rooms - to, in and from the vault - enables us to learn which journeys are normal and expected. These normal journeys provide RevealSecurity’s base for application detection.