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Detecting Malicious Insiders and Imposters by Monitoring User Journeys in Enterprise Applications

Detecting Attackers
and Malicious Insiders
in Business Applications with User Journey Analytics

Do you know if you have a rogue insider
in your business applications?

Detects fraud and security
threats at the application layer

Supports custom-built,
cloud and SaaS applications

Reduced complexity and increased accuracy over rules-based solutions

User Journey Analytics - Increased Accuracy, Reduced TCO

Application User Journey Analytics

Application User Journey Analytics

User Journey Analytics is based on the analysis of activity sequences performed while using an application, in contrast with UEBA, which analyzes each activity on its own and then builds a timeline. The sequence provides enriched context for anomaly detection and enables better accuracy based on journeys, as opposed to outcomes. Higher quality alerts means security analysts reduce wasted time on false positives.

Multiple Journey Profiles per User

Multiple Journey Profiles per User

Leveraging RevealSecurity’s patented clustering engine - tailored for clustering user journeys - TrackerIQ automatically learns multiple journey profiles per user across applications. Detecting anomalous journeys by comparing users to themselves and their peers provides an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio.

Application Agnostic Detection

Agnostic Application Detection

The detection model is applied to any SaaS or custom-built application, analyzing user journeys in and across applications to detect anomalies. This model eliminates the need to understand business application logic and no rules are required.

Application Layer XDR

Application Layer Detection and Response

TrackerIQ complements XDR solutions at the business application layer to detect threats and fraud. Existing detection solutions are focused on the infrastructure layers and on access to business applications, resulting in very limited effectiveness against malicious insiders as well as external attackers who succeed to bypass authentication mechanisms.

Nicola Sotira
“We saw something that with the standard tools we weren’t able to see, and in this case it was something that permitted us to be more proactive. We saw the anomaly starting before creating damage.”
Nicola Sotira
Head of Poste Italiane’s CERT
Charles Blauner
“You now have for the first time an opportunity to go back and rethink this insider threat space, but with a much higher likelihood of success.”
Charles Blauner
Strategic Advisor and Retired CISO
Yael Urman
“We are under attack like any other company, under cyber attack, but I don’t know any other solution except for RevealSecurity that really tracks and monitors behavior with AI.”
Yael Urman
Chief Technology Officer, Silverstein Properties
Jim Routh
“A more common use case in almost every private enterprise is the privileged user providing an identity that’s used by criminals.”
Jim Routh
Advisory Board Member
Tammy Ohana-Koll
“Application security is a major factor in Migdal’s go-to-cloud and SaaS strategy. TrackerIQ is a great solution that accurately detects user and customer behavioral anomalies in our enterprise applications, enabling full visibility and insight to malicious activities.”
Tammy Ohana-Koll
Migdal CIO
Testimonial Samir Sherif - detect and investigate anomalies with the Revealsecurity solution
“Now I have the ability to really leverage resources, so we can focus on what’s really unusual and investigate that, and deal with the risk. And that’s the uniqueness that I’m seeing with Reveal.”
Samir Sherif
CISO, Imperva


September 11, 2023
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