Snowflake and the Continuing Identity Threat Detection Gap Across SaaS and Cloud

Detect and Stop Identity Threats in Your Enterprise Applications

Reveal Security detects the misuse and abuse of trusted identities in and across any application. SaaS and Custom Built. In the cloud or on premises.

Detect Anomalous Behavior to Identify Threats and Mitigate Risk

Reveal Security provides a single identity threat detection solution that works with human users, APIs and other entities, enabling organizations to protect against:

Insider Threats

Detect early in the kill chain whether malicious or negligent in intent

Account Takeover

Know immediately when an identity has been compromised

Data Leakage/Theft

Proactive monitoring of user behavior and identities in applications prevents data compromise

The Reveal Security Advantage

User Journey Analytics

Reveal Security is the only solution that delivers accurate behavior-based user analytics without rules.

New security threats are evolving at a faster pace than security technologies. SOCs with legacy technologies lack application and identity threat detection capabilities and do not provide the necessary depth to counter identity attacks

Reveal Security’s TrackerIQ offers a unique identity threat detection approach with patented User Journey Analytics. It detects, alerts, and defends against identity abuse
and insider threats while providing these advantages:

Accurate, High-Fidelity Alerts

TrackerIQ tracks user activities across applications, creating baseline journeys. By comparing a current user journey against multiple user journey profiles , TrackerIQ delivers accurate, high-fidelity alerts with zero false positives.

No Rules Necessary

With its unsupervised machine learning engine, TrackerIQ liberates security operations teams from the time and effort of creating and maintaining rules.

No Application Knowledge Needed

TrackerIQ converts complex application-specific logs into clear, actionable insights, eliminating the need for deep application expertise.

One Solution Across Any Application

Offers unified threat detection for humans, APIs, and various entities, compatible with any application, including SaaS and on-premises

Better Context Enables Faster, More Accurate Detection

Reveal Security TrackerIQ is the only solution to deliver the contextual analysis required to accurately detect the abuse and misuse of trusted identities in applications and APIs. Status quo detection solutions that take a rules-based approach only understand known bad behavior.

1st Generation
2nd Generation
Volumetric/Frequency Analysis using Single Threshold per Event (SIEM + UEBA / CASB)
3rd Generation
User Journey Based Anomaly Detection
Networks IP deny-list Network (e.g., FW) log events​ NetFlow
based on analyzing sequences of network layer events
End points AV signatures End Point system log events​ EDR
based on analyzing sequences of system layer events
Authentication User access-list​ Authentication log events​ Account Take Over (ATO)
based on analyzing sequences of authentication log events
SaaS Application Application business logic Application log events

Why Reveal Security? Why Now?

Applications and identities are the new cybersecurity battleground. As digital transformation initiatives create an explosion of SaaS and cloud-hosted applications, with hybrid workforces, organizations need to adapt their security strategies to ensure detection controls are in place for applications.

And an identity focused approach to detection is the only way.

In addition, consider these trends:

The average annual cost of insider risk per organization
$ 0 M
The average cost of a data breach in 2023
$ 0 M
The average number of days to contain an insider incident
The percentage of data breaches that involve credentials
0 %

Maximum protection. A more efficient SOC. Lightning-fast time to value.

Reveal Security bolsters application protection, while saving time and costs.

Detect threats that rules-based detection solutions are blind to.

Highly accurate alerts, minimizing the time operators spend chasing false positives.

No installation required and measurable results in just a few short days.

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