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Rule-based solutions detect only known attack patterns, and they generate a high number of false alerts.

TrackerIQ learns user activity flow profiles, which in turn enable accurate detection of anomalous activity flows and the discovery of unpredictable breaches. RevealSecurity’s detection solution is application agnostic, analyzing user journeys in and between different types of applications - SaaS, cloud and custom-built applications.


Doron Hendler

CEO and Co Founder

Dr. David Movshovitz

CTO and Co Founder

Doron Abram

VP Engineering

Anat Doron

VP International Sales

Shuki Kenan

VP Customer Success

Adi Degani

Chief Architect and Co Founder

Eyal Faran

VP Delivery and Operations

Daniella Alpher

VP Marketing


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Board of Directors

Alon Lifshitz

Hanaco Venture

Charlie Federman

Silvertech Venture

Patrick Heim

SYN Ventures

Jim Pflaging

Independent Board Member

Advisory Team

Charles Blauner

James Routh

Ronit Gindes

Bonnie B. Stith

Sounil Yu