Custom-Built Applications

Detect Rogue Insiders
in Custom Applications

Bespoke Enterprise Applications Require Bespoke Threat Detection

Enterprise organizations run several custom-built applications to uniquely serve customers and employees. Each application also has custom business logic embedded within, which changes frequently based on customer requirements. As a result, existing rule-based detection solutions haven’t been able to keep up. 

The two primary challenges in detecting rogue insiders within custom applications are:

  1. Business logic differs per application, requiring separate rule maintenance.
  2. Rule-based detection techniques require extensive maintenance to evolve with business logic changes.

Securing Custom Applications from Rogue Insiders is a Black Hole

Existing methods to secure custom business applications from malicious insiders require tremendous effort. Some teams are employing AI and machine learning to detect suspicious transactions, but the nature of business logic changes too frequently. Training learning models regularly is therefore a logistical nightmare.

This scenario leaves security teams with two alternatives:

  1. Restrict transaction scopes to a few predictable transaction types.
  2. Hire a large analyst team to glean through transactions regularly and detect anomalies.

Both alternatives leave the door wide open for rogue insiders to game the system and take advantage of the limited options available to detect and respond to malicious insider activities.

This is where RevealSecurity's TrackerIQ comes in.

User Journey Analytics
for Custom Applications

RevealSecurity’s TrackerIQ continuously learns sequences of activities performed by every employee in custom applications. As business logic changes, user journeys evolve to keep up, so TrackerIQ continues to monitor sequences of activities across multiple journeys to create a set of ‘normative’ user journey profiles.

As it learns about all application employee profiles, TrackerIQ understands potential outliers within a user journey and tags them as anomalies. Custom applications often mandate custom transaction and event logging scenarios. TrackerIQ handles custom event logging and tagging within its intuitive configuration interface. It also supports a wide variety of application logging repositories like Splunk and Kafka streams.

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