Snowflake and the Continuing Identity Threat Detection Gap Across SaaS and Cloud

Detect Threats in Your SaaS Applications

Continuously monitor identity usage post-authentication to detect and respond to suspicious activity within and across applications. 

Works with any application. SaaS and Custom Built. In the cloud or on-premises. Read on for just a few examples.

Monitor privileged user behavior and detect suspicious activity with ML-based detection

TrackerIQ for AWS

TrackerIQ continually ingests the audit log records of AWS, builds a set of typical user journey profiles, automatically analyzes for anomalies, and generates high-fidelity alerts prioritized by risk posture.

Monitor Okta users to quickly and accurately detect account takeover and insider threats

TrackerIQ for Okta

By analyzing Okta logs, TrackerIQ enables comprehensive monitoring of administrative activities, detects abnormal operations, and identifies external attackers impersonating Okta administrators.

Monitor all log activities and detect abnormalities at scale for post-authenticated users

TrackerIQ for MS 365

TrackerIQ monitors each user’s activities across Microsoft 365 applications, profiling typical user journeys and using audit logs to detect anomalous activities, eliminating false positives, and focusing attention on threats that matter.

Accurate detection of threats in Salesforce by malicious insiders and administrators, malicious API usage, and imposters.

TrackerIQ for Salesforce

Highly accurate ML-based detection of all “typical” journey profiles per user, or cohort. Completed by prioritized risk scoring assigned to every identified suspicious journey for swift investigation and response.

Continuous threat detection combats data leakage and malicious actors

TrackerIQ for ServiceNow

Use sophisticated behavioral analytics to monitor how users, including privileged users, interact with ServiceNow to detect and alert when suspicious behaviors such as changes to workflow automation or security settings occur.

Not the application you are looking for?

Reveal Security supports any application with logs

Do you know if you have a rogue insider in your company?

Get the ultimate guide to user journey analytics for detecting malicious activities in enterprise applications”

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